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Buzzard: (One Crazy Comparison)

4 years ago by Chris

Buzzard attempts to provide quality entertainment, considering it meager budget. The movie offers a bit of weirdness with an immense mix grunge. Buzzard stars Joshua Burge with whom Joel Potrykus has collaborated with before. Josh plays the role of a character that is angry and on the verge of scamming for income. Without any political drive and void of any guilt Josh’s characters’ intentions are supported by a desire to remain loyal to heavy metal, childish behavior and earning a basic income. This third installment after Coyote and Ape is remarkable, yet lacks entertainment in certain aspects.

Marty works as a temp at a bank where he scams the bank by ordering expensive stationary and selling it for cash, he commits serious bank fraud when he signs himself checks that he was supposed to send to certain bank clients. He realizes that the bank keeps record of the checks issued as well as deposits and becomes paranoid.

He moves into his co-worker’s basement where they share certain immature insults. Derek showcases a gaming console. He seems to be a child in man’s body. He has not matured according to his age and is shy of any kind of sexual encounter. Marty then later makes his way to Detroit after cashing in the third check. His lack of preparation leads him into trouble.

Marty interacts with the common working class who he cannot understand or appreciate the concerns of. There is a sense of persecution and there are elative moments of freedom, however, the screening does not compare to the script. The movie provides a very objective view of the character. It does not relate to audiences with its depiction of office colleagues and horror as well as comic movies. Marty does prove his ability to live in the present. He enjoys his ill gained wealth by spending on lavish hotel accommodations. After a while he eventually spends his last $20 on a bowl of spaghetti.

Photo credit: Buzzard Film

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