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These Final Hours Review: Monotony at Its Best

4 years ago by Chris

Armageddon, apocalyptic and end of the world movies keep popping up in differing genres. “These Final Hours” is the first end of the world feature to be filmed in Perth, Australia. Writer Director Zac Hilditch has ensured that any trivial silliness of previous themes does not encroach upon this feature.

As a movie targeting young adults the story line has potential of worldwide commercial success. However, the movies sexual and violent content make (as in all ‘end of times’ movies) limits its viewing and is not suited for wider audiences. But despite the fact that the movie had a low budget, it does seem to be mildly entertaining.

The question “These Final Hours” attempts to challenge audiences with is what they believe they would do if they were about face the end of the world. In “These Final Hours” we see Australians leaving their homes, enjoying their last days and even shooting each other.

After learning of the last hours of life on earth Nathan Philips at the same time discovers that is girlfriend is pregnant with his child. (To no one’s surprise) he flees the responsibility out pressure and leaves for end of the world party. On his way there he saves Angourie Rice from two rapists. Next he finds himself protecting her and keeping her as companion who is out looking for her family.

The party hosted by Daniel Henshall turns out to be nonstop orgy. Angourie is being harassed by an insane mother (Sarah Snook) searching for her daughter. Nathan Philips in the mean while has issues dealing with his attractive young girlfriend Kathryn Beck. There are tough times and close calls after which the story leads to the climax.

The actors portray extremes of various emotional responses without any cues from the script. The supporting actors showcase their acting talents. The script deals with issues as acceptance, hope, terror and need. The movie is a great show case for talent. The cinematography is creative. Audiences are pulsated towards the final outcome and the special effects provide a great cinematic experience.

Photo credit: These Final Hours film via TwitchFilm

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