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Unfinished Business Review (Couldn’t Finish Any Sooner)

4 years ago by Chris

Vince Vaughn plays the role of Dan, a sales executive in St. Louis who has the urge to resign from his job due to the bullying nature of his Boss Chuck played by Sienna Miller. He ventures to start his own company with two of his colleagues that are the out casts of the company. The relatively mentally slow Mike played by Dave Franco and the close to retirement age Timothy acted by Tom Wilkinson. The 3 make their way to Maine and then to Europe to win a profitable deal that Chuck is after.

Soon enough all hell breaks loose in a comedic sense. However, “Unfinished Business” does not grow into all the anarchy that follows through in the movie. The movie feels like its pieces of chopped story sequences that the director could not decide if they should or should not be included in the movie. “Unfinished Business” goes through the factors recently introduced by the new “Bromance” genre in recent comedies. The movie has other outrageous scenarios that simply do not work into the premise of the movie.

Unnecessary scenes as the hotel maid who is a sex worker, which the character Mike attempts to pursue sexually and the professional negations taking place in a gay clubs. They sequences of events taking place in such environments seem old and redundant. The movie does not offer anything new. The unnecessary humor with sexual overtones, the story line has some seriously overdone comedic aspects. Characters have some mildly comedic quirks as a character named “Pancake” and Mike’s speech impediment.

“Unfinished Business” does not bring anything new to the audiences. The movie is fairly forgettable. Nothing unique or innovative is attempted by it. It could possibly cater to younger audiences who might not have experienced similar comedic features of the past.

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