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Hyena: London’s Corrupt Lieutenant

3 years ago by admin

The director of Tony (2009), Gerard Johnson, and actor Peter Ferdinando is back at it again, but this time it is not a thriller centered on a serial killer. The duo is back again on a brutal showdown of a corrupt cop in London involved in substance abuse in Hyena.

Michael Logan (Peter Ferdinando) is a corrupt cop who leads a drug trafficking team in London. Logan is basically your anti-hero leading a corrupt squad of drug trafficking police. The movie does not make any effort to make the lead character look like a hero, and the force he leads are more like the criminals themselves. One of his habitual deals with the criminals sees him witness a contact get murdered by two Albanian criminals and the dilemma of being exposed by an old colleague assigned to work with him starts haunting him.

The movie is a gritty take on the rogue cops concept and the title is no doubt the persona of the lead character himself, Michael Logan, who despite being the definition of corrupt, has to bring down the Albanian murderers whose sin is not limited to murder alone: they are involved in human and drug trafficking as well.

This moral dilemma makes the movie a rough ride, and the viewers witness some classy action scenes and brutal, chaotic drama. The overall tone of the movie is definitely stylish but is prone to cliched concept. If anything saves the movie from bringing a mainstream idea is the way it has been shot, and viewers won’t be disappointed with the cinematography!

Violent scenes, repulsive sights, and the dark and gritty atmosphere the police force deals with hits the spot and delivers what the director intended with Hyena. The vicious car chases, runs after criminals and blood and gore will leave you satisfied if you are watching it for pure entertainment, but if you are expecting something new and awe-inspiring, be warned: there isn’t anything of the sort. In the end, it won’t be unfair to say that Hyena is overall a good watch and will be worth the time you spend watching the thriller!

Photo credit: Hyena movie Facebook

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