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Welcome to Me: a Light-Hearted Take on Personality Disorder

4 years ago by admin

Shira Piven, who debuted with 2011’s Fully Loaded, takes on borderline personality disorder in a way most people would shy away from: comically. With Kristen Wiig playing Alice Klieg, a woman suffering from this mental disorder, Welcome to Me has received praise from critics and viewers alike for the comedy adaption. Kristen Wiig does a fine job of a woman on psychiatric meds who ends up winning a grand lottery.

Written by Eliot Laurence, the movie does not take much time to start explaining itself. Alice Klieg (Kristen Wiig) is an “Oprah” fan who constantly watches reruns on her huge VHS collection. She soon finds out that she has won the jackpot, worth $86 million. So, what must happen when a woman with a borderline personality disorder and a great fondness for “Oprah” wins the jackpot?

Alice quits on her medication and decides to start her own TV talk show where she can share her views. She proceeds with some major changes in life with nervous support from her friend Gina, portrayed by Linda Cardellini, and her gay ex-husband, played by Alan Tudyk.

The movie can easily be termed as weird and downright strange, but Wiig’s performance and Shira Piven’s hands on the reign have churned out a great watchable movie after all. Wiig’s performance in portraying Alice has especially received positive reviews and hearty laughs. While most people would consider borderline personality disorder as serious matter, the movies’ take on the matter has made it look sweet and funny.

There is no doubt that Kristen Wiig has put on her best performance to date. It is when the show named “Welcome to Me” airs in the movie when her performance really takes a hike. Her funny and somewhat narcissistic portrayal of Alice has received applause and laughter everywhere. The dark and dry humor keeps audience laughing out loud. Throughout the movie, you find it hard to sympathize with the main character, and quite frankly that is what the director aimed for. The movie could have a little more depth to the plot, but it still manages to capture the attention. View the movie trailer below.

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