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Mad Max: Fury Road – the Classic Film Series Gets a Modern Installment (and It’s Great)

3 years ago by Chris

The buzz might not be completely justified but Mad Max: Fury Road has an unpredictable plot with all the twists and turn that will offer you a smooth cinematic experience. Released on May 15th, 2015, this new post apocalyptic action thriller is the fourth installment of the Mad Max series. However, it can’t be completely termed as a sequel as there is a lot of innovation. You can clearly see a huge difference between this one and the previous films of the series.

The first film was released almost 30 years ago and you can see how the story has evolved over the years. The people who loved the previous movies will find the new part has its own distinguished subtle changes in the whole theme of Fury Road. Written, directed, and produced by George Miller, the fourth part of Mad Max is based on a futuristic plot. The role of the protagonist Max Rockatansky is played by Tom Hardy, which makes it the first Mad Max movie that doesn’t feature Mel Gibson in the lead role.

In the post-apocalyptic world where everything is deconstructed and civilization is severely distorted, Tom Hardy is a survivor in a deserted part of Australia which is under the control of War Boys, led by the totalitarian cult chief, Immortan Joe, played to perfection by Hugh Keays-Bryne. The hero is imprisoned and like most other people, he is used as a blood donor to the War Boy Nux.

In his classic series, Miller with his crew has tried to do something which not many filmmakers have attempted before but Miller being true to his vision has yet again proved his brilliance. The cinematography of the movie does not only build confusion or tension among the viewers but the camera is skillfully used to engage the audience and give them an overview of the place with overhead shots and dimensions that redefines the relation of action and location.

Mad Max’s newest movie is a result of innovative camera techniques, vibrant ideas and undying love for movies. Therefore, the movie is nothing less of a fine treat for fans of Mad Max and Miller (and Tom Hardy too).

Photo credit: Mad Max movie

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