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Pitch Perfect 2: a Directorial Debut for Elizabeth Banks, a Giant Leap for Female-Centric Movies

3 years ago by Chris

The Barden Bellas are back but this time it’s not what you will expect from the sequel of Pitch Perfect. The group was humiliated after their performance at the Lincoln Center in front of the President. The Bellas are thrown out of the A Cappella competition and now to regain the respect and status, they are back on the stage.

There is a lot more pressure but more love for their craft, much more enthusiasm to win, passion to earn their lost respect and make a name for themselves. They have decided to jumpstart and move forward. They are determined to achieve more than they have lost and in order to accomplish their goals they participate in an international A Cappella competition where no American team has ever performed. This makes their place more prominent and in the same way, winning the competition for the Bellas is something special.

They need to win but for that they require a lot more than perfection in their music and their relationship with each other. They need to build stronger ties and strengthen the bond of sisterhood. They are chasing a monumental trophy that will change their lives forever and it can’t be possible without ultimate magic. The plot is intriguing and will easily get you hooked within a few minutes though it is evident from the start that they are going to win, but the interesting part is watching how exactly they are go about it.

There are friends and rivals on the road, there is nothing to fear, everyone is filled with passion and heavy-doses of humor. Pitch Perfect 2 is directed by debutant director Elizabeth Banks and this time it’s filled with double the energy. The sequel of Pitch Perfect will keep you thrilled and glued to your seats. It is a perfect continuation of the film series. There are a few flat notes, but even if Pitch Perfect 2 is not pitch perfect, it is perfectly watchable.

Photo credit: Facebook/ Pitch Perfect movie

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