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Slow West: a Confusing Mess of a Movie

3 years ago by Chris

Slow West features Michael Fassbender in the lead role with a list of Kiwi actors in the supporting roles, including Ken Blackburn and Madeline Sami. is the movie has been filmed locally with cinematic effects of traditional Western movies with a little bit of confusion perfectly blended in its theme. The film has an ambient old school feel with special lightening and floral views, which will definitely take the viewers to an amusing destination. However, the same place might seem too boring to the local audience.

It is a well-composed story with the addition of cliches, which many viewers might find hard to ignore. The story is based on the fictitious expedition of a Scottish adventure-seeking boy, Jay Cavendish as Kodi Smit McPhee, who embarks on a journey to the west in search for his love interest, Rose (Caren Pistorious) who fled to the west with her father.

On the other hand, you will find Kodi getting intimate with Silas while they are together in a treacherous run-in. Silas is also the narrator of the story and shares his secret plan while connecting it with the story of Rose and her father. At some point, you will find the story complex and absurd but that’s also the best part of the movie and you may find it boring otherwise.

John Maclean, who is famously known for his musical contribution to the Beta Band, is the director and screenwriter of the movie. He has largely experimented with the cinematic storytelling with Fassbender in the pivotal role performing like a one-man army. Creating a fusion between peculiar and symbolic at the same time, the film has created a unique place and received mixed reviews at early screenings. The film won an exclusive Cinema Dramatic Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. Slow West is an abstract road movie with a host of similarities with popular surrealist experimental movies like Dead Man.

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