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Spy: Exceeds Expectations

3 years ago by Chris

Spy is a Melissa McCarthy’s cinematic reunion with director Paul Feig from The Heat (2013) and Bridesmaids (2011). Together, they have invented a richer role than the usual sketch-comedy stereotype McCarthy is known for. Beta women are a staple in Paul Feig’s movies and this movie is no different. The movie’s running time is 115 minutes. With its moderate budget of $65 million, it is well set to exceed expectations at the box office. The movie is giving stifling competition to Pitch Perfect 2, which is holding its ground in its fourth week.

Melissa McCarthy plays Susan Cooper, an invisible desk agent with an earpiece guiding CIA’s top agents during their missions. Jude Law plays the secret service agent (Susan Cooper’s not-so-secret crush) on a mission to Bulgaria to neutralize a villain, where he is shot down. Enter Rose Byrne, the daughter of the villain, who has the list of all American secret service agents, including Jason Statham. Long story short, the CIA now needs an outsider to neutralize its latest threat, which takes Melissa McCarthy from her desk to field action.

Does It Work?
Susan Cooper is a competent field agent in terms of trash talking and butt-kicking. The verbal abuses hurled at the Euro villains are gut-crunchingly hilarious. These non-stop insults directed at the villains seemly feel off-script. The best exchanges are with her arch nemesis and a horny Italian agent. Overall, the movie takes McCarthy back to the kind of roles she initially gained success with. In her bid to become a star, she has delivered a few duds but Spy can redeem her career.

Spy has its good and bad moments. The fast-paced movie slows down after the first half, with action scenes (not the director’s strong point). Moreover, playing off McCarthy’s physicality, when she is in the field, gets repetitive after a while. Overall, the movie is worth a watch if you want a quick laugh.

Photo: 20th Century Fox/ Spy movie

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