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Dope: Quite Dope!

3 years ago by admin

Dope is a coming of age comedy that has gained mixed reviews. While some consider it as an unfunny cliched movie, others claim it’s full of energy and thrill. All in all, Dope has made its impression on the cinephiles. Although it’s not Dope in itself, you can see a mixed bag of struggles, compromises, and moral complexities in the movie. The film revolves around the story of a teenager, Malcolm, who has his fair share of battles to deal with, his life portrayal in the movie seems like a real life depiction where it no longer seems like fiction but rather a reality which is more often relatable during the teenage years.

Writer and director, Rick Famuyiwa has created a protagonist that’s complicated, played by Shameik Moore, who fits perfectly in the frame of a geek and aspires to get enrolled in an Ivy League school. But if the character stayed true to this, it would have been fine. To the surprise of the audience, Malcolm is not just an average Joe. You will see him passionately falling in love with 90’s hip-hop music, doing drugs and going crazy for losing his virginity. Though these are some fine character traits of the protagonist but his real struggle is on a fundamental level. He battles circumstances for surviving in Los Angeles.

The film is grounded in reality from different aspects, which it gives a dose of reality by making it relatable to the audience. Viewers can see themselves as part of the movie where every day the young boy struggles for every little thing in his life, from going to school to purchasing a sandwich at the local eatery, everything seems like a challenge for Malcolm. It also shows how he is combating constant anxiety and societal pressures. Every time he is out of his home, he’s vulnerable. Though the theme of the movie is dark but it has been vividly visualized such that the humor perfectly blends with the tragedy Malcolm faces on a daily basis.

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