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Minions: Acquiring Cult Status

3 years ago by Chris

The yellow sidekicks wearing goggles and dungarees from the Despicable Me franchise have graduated to cult status in the titular movie Minions, directed by Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin. The Steve Carrel voiced antagonist is now the movie’s lead as the movie sets stage in London, starting as a prequel structured classically in which Sandra Bullock voices the antagonist. The movie is robbed of its predecessor’s fame as the story arc lacks a definite narrative.

Apart from this, the slapstick jokes are oddly funny and the franchise, known for releasing concrete animated movies on feeble budgets (predecessors cost $78 million each) has garnered an immense worldwide audience. Despicable Me 2 raked in $970 million worldwide. This will work well for the movie’s first week at the box office, however, continued success cannot be projected.

Three minions are hired by arch nemesis, Scarlet Overkill, who plans to take over the world, with her husband. The movie starts with three minions auditioning towards the end of Despicable Me 2:
o Kevin (the ring leader)
o Bob (a child)
o Stuart (unwilling volunteer)

As the movie progresses, it recreates history, citing existence of the minions long before humanity. They have been subservient to all the villains throughout the ages, including:
o Dracula
o T-rex
o Pharaoh
o Napoleon

After Napoleon’s unsuccessful campaign in Russia, they are exiled to Antarctica. Kevin steps out of the comfort zone and takes his two protégé to New York City and drapes them in adorable attire. They proceed to Villain-Con where antagonist Scarlett Overkill organizes a competition to hire henchmen.

With the movie immersed in the 60s culture, people are seen drinking tea, wearing bowler hats, eating scones and hippie culture in full swing is a treat for sore eyes. It adds realism, detail and appeal to the city’s backdrop. There are no particular 3D scenes.
Rather than using hip-hop songs by Pharrell Williams, the soundtrack for the movies is made up of songs by The Doors, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, and Donovan, all from the 60s.

Overall, Minions is entertaining and will surely provide a great time for the young ones (and adults as well).

Photo credit: Facebook/Minions

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