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Ant-Man: Big Things Come in Small Packages

3 years ago by Chris

Over the recent years, Marvel and Disney has brought us some amazing films and extraordinary characters and Ant-Man promises to be no different. Many who have not read the comics might feel it hard to embrace the lead character (it is one of the franchise’s most absurd characters, yet gets a movie adaptation) but on watching the movie they will find him accessible and struggling with problems one can relate to, unlike some of the other characters from the Marvel Universe you would have seen on screen.

The story takes place several months after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. The hero, a thief named Scott Lang, has to help his mentor protect the secrets of the Ant-Man technology and take part in a heist to save the planet. Paul Rudd gives a sweet performance in his role as Ant-Man and Michael Douglas brings his fair share of seriousness as Dr. Hank to the movie. Evangeline Lilly does well, playing the reluctant ally of the protagonist.

Yet Michael Pena truly steals the spotlight with his flawless and comedic performance as Luis. The main antagonist, Yellowjacket, is played by Corey Stoll and he tries to bring the best out of the character with his acting as he can but the narrative ultimately does no justice to the super villain.

In an otherwise complex and difficult to understand world of comic book movies, the straight and simple narrative is welcoming and marvelously executed. Just like most of Hollywood’s heist movies, it has its share of idiosyncratic comedic moments and plot twists. Ant-Man is just like your average Marvel movie: a great and entertaining action flick. Do not expect a deep and meaningful plot or any dark elements to it. The family-oriented movie is warm and lively with a charming storyline.

To put it simply, it is a must-watch summer flick, though you are unlikely to want to watch it again.

Photo credit: Facebook/ Ant-Man movie

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