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Faith of Our Fathers: Riddled With Mistakes

3 years ago by Chris

Faith of Our Fathers is a Christian themed movie from the same studio that produced Do You Believe? and God’s Not Dead. It is a touching movie about two men whose fathers, off to war in Vietnam, never make it back. Their sons, one a devout Christian and the other an atheist, team up for a road trip to Washington DC to pay a visit to the Vietnam Memorial and look for their deceased fathers’ tombstones. As the road trip progresses, they open up to each other and the film examines each father’s letters to their homes, creating an emotional clout.

The lead character is John Paul George, a vague reference to the Beatles, is comical. He’s a devout Christian, engaged to happy-go-lucky Cynthia, who is planning their upcoming wedding and prepping cooking meals. At her wife’s insistence, he reaches out to the son of his father’s colleague during wartime. Wayne lives in a shack and is grumpy about life overall. Wayne has in his possession numerous letters, which are referenced to John’s dad but Wayne refuses to provide him access to them, demanding pay-per-view.

The best performances come from the fathers, showing a sense of disorientation and fear during combat scenes. Steven narrates the Bible the entire day, annoying his fellow comrades to great lengths along with Eddie preaching about afterlife to fellow soldiers.

Faith of Our Fathers is a poorly made movie all round with poor script, poor acting and poorly handled Vietnam flashbacks. The plot twists are far too predictable. The director/scriptwriter Carey Scott deems the message is delivered aptly, but it’s not.

The movie is riddled with cheap flashbacks showing the soldiers/ fathers befriending each other during the Vietnam War. It rains when the sun is shining brightly overhead. Men write letters on scraps of papers with smudges all over it while the letters in the present are written in clean handwriting, as if taken from a dry notebook. Overall, this movie is only for faith-based cinema lovers.

Photo credit: Faith of Our Father’s movie

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