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Duck Dynasty Wedding: John Luke Gets Hitched

3 years ago by Ashley Thompson

It’s that special time in everyone’s family with the eldest child, all of 18 years, gets married. But in the Robertson family it’s pretty standard. Mary Kate was actually Sadie Robertsons best friend long before John Luke finally mustered up the guts to ask her out. On his 18th birthday she said yes. Here it is 8 long months later and the wedding day is here.

Before THE day John Luke has promised to rid himself of the man-bun, probably causing him more jitters than getting married. Of course his father is there for emotional support, except for the fact that he tricks John Luke into thinking he’s cutting his hair all off, as well. Sky! 1/2 an inch, baby! Wow, Willie… we’ve never seen you so tidy. Thanks to John Luke’s stylist (stylist: guy you met on Instagram) even Willie is wearing a decent suit (with an American Flag liner), and the boys are spiffed up. Oh Mary Kate wasn’t left out of this… while John Luke is bringing in “stylists” from New York, Mary Kate is bringing in dress designer Sherri Hil from Austin. 18 year olds with unlimited money and resources…

Not to be too traditional, Mary Kate throws a bachelorette luncheon surely full of cute Instagram photos, while John Luke jumps out of an airplane for his bachelor party.

Since family dinners are a strong Robertson tradition, of course the rehearsal dinner is no exception. One has to wonder if Mary Kate got any love during the night because the Robertsons seem to be a little too on the ball with this shindig. Once Willie dries his eyes it’s on to the next day and the “best day ever”. No tears, somehow, but lots of fans because an outside wedding at a southern farmhouse in June must be muggy. Nonetheless a few dad jokes and quirky vows later, the young pair are wed. *Note: Alexander Jean’s “Roses and Violets” was beautiful!!

Photo credit: Gurney Productions

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