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Nickelodeon Brings Classics Back on ‘The Splat’ Network

3 years ago by admin

Nickelodeon has officially revealed the return of classic 90s shows on a new network, “The Splat.” After too many years of Sponge Bob Square Pants and other obnoxious kids’ shows, Nickelodeon is bringing it home with a new lineup of old shows that will be new to young kids.

The TV Schedule for “The Splat” will include cartoons such as Doug, Hey Arnold, and The Rugrats, as well as the hit game shows Guts and Legends of the Hidden Temple for never ending fun and entertainment.

It seems like a great opportunity for Nickelodeon to cash in on the “throwback” trend, as more and more new shows are returning as spinoffs from hit shows of the 90s. We’re talking about Disney’s hit, Girl Meets World, and the upcoming Fuller House on Netflix.

“The Splat” is coming at 10 pm on October 5th with so many hit shows of the 90s. You can check out the full schedule at The Splat. Which shows are you most exciting about reliving your childhood, and are there shows missing from the list that you’d love to see added to the network?

Photo credit: Facebook/The Splat

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