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‘The Royals’ Return for Scandalous Season Two!

3 years ago by admin

E!’s breakout scripted drama series, “The Royals,” became one of 2015’s top new scripted cable series, and we’re about to begin the scandalous season two!

The second season picks up eight weeks after the tragic murder of King Simon outside the castle by an unknown assailant, and his arrogant brother, Cryus, has conned his way into the throne with the help of the Queen fabricating paternity results proving Prince Liam and Princess Elanour illegitimate.

Liam vows to bring his father’s murdered to justice, and finds help in an unexpected ally, Jasper the bodyguard. While his sister Elanour spirals in excessive amounts of random sex, drugs, and alcohol. Cyrus believes the Queen is on his side, when she has her own hidden agenda to take over the throne.

Watch the clip below to catch up or refresh on season one. “The Royals” season 2 premieres Sunday, November 15 at 10 pm ET on E!

Photo credit: E! Entertainment

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