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’60 Days In’ New Season Premieres Jan. 1 on A&E

11 months ago by admin

A&E announced its hit series, “60 Days In” will return for a new season on January 1st. A special two-hour premiere will kick off the explosive season in Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail. At the end of season 3, The Colonel offered Nate to stay an additional 6 days because he was so valuable to the program, and Nate decided he’d stay.

This season of 12 new one-hour episodes, nine participants including Nate from season 3 will go undercover as inmates in Fulton County Jail gathering information and a deeper understanding of the criminal justice system with the goal of helping The Colonel evoke change within the facility. “One of the participants goes “full inmate,” blowing their cover and turning the entire program on its head. Faced with rampant drug problems, a powerful gang population and the constant threat of violence, innocent participants plunge deeper into the dangerous world of incarceration,” says A&E’s press release.

It’s one of TV’s best unscripted series. Season 4 of “60 Days In” will premiere at 9pm on January 1st and 4th. Subsequent episodes of “60 Days In” will air on Thursday’s at 10pm beginning January 11th on A&E.

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