‘Double Dare’ Is Back On Nickelodeon

5 months ago by admin

In the era of reboots, it was only fair and appropriate for Nickelodeon to bring back “Double Dare” and share the iconic family game show with the millennial generation…because it’s AWESOME! Liza Koshy hosts the brand new “Double Dare” series with the original series host Marc Summers presiding over competition commentary.

The new season premiered on Monday, June 25 “where a new generation of fans will compete in the messiest and most physically challenging competition of their lives,” says a Nickelodeon press release. “Double Dare features two teams competing to win prizes by answering brain-bending trivia questions, completing messy physical stunts and ultimately facing the legendary obstacle course–the human hamster wheel, the classic gigantic mouth, the wringer, the iconic Double Dare nose and more.”

Brand new episodes of the return of “Double Dare” air on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on Nickelodeon.

Photo: Facebook/Nickeoldeon

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