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Review: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Action, Comics, Reviews, TV, TV - 4 years ago by Cheyton Jain

Marvel Cinematic Universe has crept into the medium of TV with Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (@AgentsofSHIELD). Headed up by Joss Whedon, this is Marvel’s attempt to create a side story to the main Marvel movies, which will provide small-scale action not found in the flagship Marvel movies. While the pilot read more

Green Lantern in Earth 2

Green Lantern Revealed to be Gay Hero

DC Comics - 6 years ago by Reg Seeton

The DC Comics super hero Green Lantern will soon be revealed as a gay man next week in the second issue of the Earth 2 series, which fans will see on May 6. Although it will be revealed that Green Lantern is gay in Earth 2, it won’t be the read more

The Amazing Spider-Man

New Spider-Man Promo Photos

Action, Comic Books, Super Hero - 6 years ago by Reg Seeton

Ahead of the July 3 release of The Amazing Spider-Man, three new promo photos of Spider-Man appeared online for a planned four part comic series based on the new film, starring Andrew Garfield. According to Latino Review, a series of live action Spider-Man promo photos were uploaded by Twitter user read more

Marvel Comics, Thor

Marvel Offers Free Digital Comics

Comic Books - 6 years ago by Troy Rogers

In the spirit of giving, Marvel recently offered fans a series of free digital comics via the official Marvel Facebook page for comic lovers of Thor and more. The new offer from Marvel Comics allows Facebook users to read digital comics for free. The free Facebook movie includes issues of read more

Captain America

Captain America Co-Creator Joe Simon Dies at 98

Comic Books - 6 years ago by Troy Rogers

Comic book writer and artist Joe Simon, co-creator of Captain America with Jack Kirby, died on Wednesday at the age of 98. According to USA Today, Captain America co-creator Joe Simon passed away Wednesday night in New York at the age of 98. Simon is credited with creating the Marvel read more

Jerry Robinson

Comic Book Artist Jerry Robinson Dies at 89

Comic Books, DC Comics - 6 years ago by Troy Rogers

Comic book artist Jerry Robinson died in Los Angeles on Wednesday at the age of 89. According to USA Today, Jerry Robinson, creator of the Batman villain The Joker, died in his sleep Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles. Robinson worked at DC Comics and is credited with creating read more

Action Comics No. 1

Action Comics No. 1 Sets Auction Record

Comic Books - 6 years ago by Troy Rogers

A pristine copy of Action Comics No. 1 sold for $2,161,000 through an online auction on Wednesday. According to Hollywood Reporter, the copy of Action Comics No. 1 set a new auction record for comic books after the mint copy netted over $2 million. The auctioned No.1 edition is thought read more

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble Pulls DC Graphic Novels

DC Comics - 6 years ago by Troy Rogers

Barnes & Noble stores have removed DC Comics graphic novels and other DC products from shelves in response to an exclusive deal between DC and Amazon to feature the graphic novels on the Amazon Kindle. According to Hollywood Reporter, DC Comics products have been removed from Barnes & Noble stores after DC signed an exclusive deal to have the Amazon Kindle feature DC digital content. As reported, Jaime Carey of read more