Lets Be Cops crop

Let’s Be Cops – a Drunken Frat Boy Comedy

Comedy, Movies - 2 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

Some of the best comedies ever made have been based on characters working in law enforcement. Hot Fuzz, Beverly Hill Cops and Police Academy are a few of the instant classics that are excellent examples of what a cop movie should be all about. On the other hand, Let’s Be read more


Wish I Was Here: a Crowd-Funded Comedy

Drama, Movies - 2 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

Garden State was actor-director Zack Braff’s first feature, and after a 10-year gap comes his crowd-funded second feature Wish I Was Here. The movie is co-written by Zach with his brother Adam. When the film was stuck in a rut because of funding issues, Braff turned to his fan base read more

Into the Storm movie

Into the Storm – Thrilling yet Silly

Action, Movies - 4 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

Warner Bros is known for its disaster blockbusters, particularly the films that released around the mid 1990s. Their next disaster movie lined up is about the biggest tornado ever seen and is titled Into the Storm. The movie is directed by Steven Quale and is a commendable technical achievement. However, read more

Tammy Movie

Tammy – a Series of Unfortunate Laughs

Comedy, Movies - 2 months ago by Chris D'souza

Melissa McCarthy has proven herself a bankable star time and again. She has taken an interesting step in her career by taking the entire responsibility of a movie with the release of ‘Tammy’. She has stood out with her performances in movies like Identity Theft and The Heat. But Tammy read more

snowpiercer main2

Snowpiercer – a Never-Ending Ride

Fantasy, Movies - 2 months ago by Chris D'souza

Snowpiercer offers e a vision that is both bizarre and grounded at the same time. The brutality mostly exudes from its setting within a locomotive that circles a post-apocalyptic globe. It portrays the sociopolitical implications that come with humanity’s last hope for survival. To understand why it is a movie read more