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Snowpiercer – a Never-Ending Ride

Fantasy, Movies - 3 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

Snowpiercer offers e a vision that is both bizarre and grounded at the same time. The brutality mostly exudes from its setting within a locomotive that circles a post-apocalyptic globe. It portrays the sociopolitical implications that come with humanity’s last hope for survival. To understand why it is a movie read more

Obvious Child Movie

Obvious Child – the Comedic Journey of a Mother to Be

Comedy, Movies - 3 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

Obvious Child is perhaps the most eccentric movie to hit the box office this year. Women-driven films are a rarity which is what makes this film interesting even before coming to its quality as a comedy. The focus here is on Donna, played by Jenny Slate. Slate plays a humorist read more


Borgman – a Psychological Nightmare

Independent, Movies - 3 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

Borgman is a rather unique story. It deserves credit for being original and innovative. A homeless man with long hair and a huge beard, weird enough to look extremely dangerous, shows up at the door of an upper-class household and rings the bell asking the man of the house if read more

The Rover Movie

The Rover – a Dark and Violent Film

Movies, Suspense, Thriller - 4 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

The Rover is one of the grittiest and bleakest films to have graced the screens after a very long time. The movie targets a different audience who can relate to the events that may come to be if things continue on their course of action. The story begins with the read more

Maleficent Movie

Maleficent – Redefining a Classic Fairytale

Fantasy, Movies - 1 month ago by Chris D'souza

The classic fairytale of how Sleeping Beauty came to be is quite popular and has been passed down for decades. However, this time around, a new perspective has been provided to spark our curiosity. With ruby red lips and a towering headdress that all are familiar with, Maleficent provides an read more

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow – a Fascinating World at War Story

Action, Movies - 1 month ago by Chris D'souza

The Mission Impossible star has tried on various occasions to indulge in different genres. Tom Cruise has proved himself successful in his attempt to diversify and prove himself as a worthy actor time and time again. With the release of Edge of Tomorrow, things are looking even better for Tom read more


Chef – Cooking Up a Foodie’s Delight

Movies - 2 months ago by Chris D'souza

Jon Favreau has always surprised his audiences by his unique storytelling techniques that connect them to the story. With critically acclaimed movies like Elf, Iron Man and Swingers under his belt, he has proven that his talents are not to be taken lightly. His latest venture Chef is no different. read more

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn

The Angriest Man in Brooklyn – a Misanthropic Comedy

Comedy, Movies - 2 months ago by Chris D'souza

With comedy epics like Neighbors storming the box office with massive sales, it seems like people are hungry for comic relief. With the release of The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, the usual cusses and puns along with other thrilling aspects are bound to make a huge different in anyone’s day. read more