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The Drop movie

The Drop: a Competent Character Driven Crime Drama

Action, Movies - 3 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

The Drop has everything going in its favor. The director is an Oscar nominee, the writer is a distinguished author adapting his short story and the cast is solid. Thankfully, the film delivers on all accounts. The film is helmed by Belgian Michael R. Roskam, whose previous feature Bullhead brought read more

Into the Storm movie

Into the Storm – Thrilling yet Silly

Action, Movies - 2 months ago by Chris D'souza

Warner Bros is known for its disaster blockbusters, particularly the films that released around the mid 1990s. Their next disaster movie lined up is about the biggest tornado ever seen and is titled Into the Storm. The movie is directed by Steven Quale and is a commendable technical achievement. However, read more

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow – a Fascinating World at War Story

Action, Movies - 4 months ago by Chris D'souza

The Mission Impossible star has tried on various occasions to indulge in different genres. Tom Cruise has proved himself successful in his attempt to diversify and prove himself as a worthy actor time and time again. With the release of Edge of Tomorrow, things are looking even better for Tom read more

Paul Walker Brick Mansions

Brick Mansions – a Tribute to Paul Walker and His Fans

Action, Movies - 5 months ago by Chris D'souza

The death of Paul Walker was completely unexpected. Many were left awestruck as the actor was loved beyond measure for his charm and personality. Keeping this in mind, the last project of Paul Walker “Brick Mansions” hit cinemas this month. The film is a remake of a French Motion picture read more

A MIllion Ways to Die

Potential Summer Blockbusters of 2014

Action, Comedy, Movies, Super Hero - 5 months ago by Chris D'souza

There have been some promising films that may outdo what is expected of them. The lineup this year is quite interesting with films focusing on genres like sci-fi and drama. With an astounding number of sequels and potential franchise movies releasing this summer, 2014 is shaping up to be a read more

Credit: ABC

Review: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD “0-8-4″

Action, Comic Books, Comics, Reviews, TV - 12 months ago by Cheyton Jain

After watching this week’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (@AgentsofSHIELD)., I couldn’t help but walk away with just an overall sense of “meh.” After having an above average pilot episode, all the magic of it has seemed to quickly dissipate. The geeky scientist duo “FitzSimmons” has turned from being a read more