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The Immortals

The Immortals Dominate Friday Box Office

Industry - 7 years ago by Troy Rogers

The Immortals took the top spot at the Friday box office after the mythological epic earned $15 million to beat the Adam Sandler comedy Jack and Jill. According to Variety, The Immortals, starring Henry Cavill and Mickey Rourke, battled its way to the top of the Friday box office with read more

Billy Crystal

Billy Crystal to Host the Oscars

Industry - 7 years ago by Troy Rogers

Comedian Billy Crystal announced that he will host the 2011 Academy Awards following the recent Oscar resignation by producer Brett Ratner and confirmation that Eddie Murphy would not be this year’s host. On Thursday afternoon, actor and comedian Billy Crystal tweeted that he will host the 2011 Academy Awards. With read more

The Deadbolt Launches Official Facebook Page

Industry - 7 years ago by Reg Seeton expanded its social reach this week with the launch of its official Facebook page. To kick off the social brand experience, is offering Facebook fans the chance to win a signed copy of Re:(dis)covered by alternative rockers Puddle of Mudd plus two more autographed posters from the band. read more

Netflix Qwikster

Netflix Scraps Qwikster DVD Service

Industry - 7 years ago by Troy Rogers

Netflix has abandoned Qwikster after the plan was announced in September to separate the DVD by mail service and streaming content into two different entities. The Netflix spin-off to Qwikster resulted in customer criticism and caused the Netflix stock price to drop. According to Entertainment Weekly, after a groundswell of read more

Nike MAG Sneakers Inspired by Back to the Future

Industry - 7 years ago by Troy Rogers

Sneaker giant Nike has produced a new shoe called Nike MAG that was inspired by the Nike Air Power Laces worn by actor Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future III. CBS News reports that although the new limited edition Nike MAG sneakers don’t have the ability to self read more

The Help Tops North American Box Office

Industry - 7 years ago by Larson Hill

The Help took top spot at the weekend box office to beat Columbiana and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark amid the impending threat of Hurricane Irene. According to Reuters, The Help, starring Emma Stone, Octavia Spencer, Sissy Spacek, and Bryce Dallas-Howard, took in $14.3 million at the weekend box read more

Mark Zuckerberg Addresses Facebook and Kids Under 13

Industry - 8 years ago by Reg Seeton

Despite how Facebook is filled with underage children, Mark Zuckerberg recently addressed the issue at the NewSchools Summit where Zuckerberg revealed that he wants to grant younger children access to Facebook. CNN Money reports that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg spoke about children under 13 years-old on Facebook while attending a read more

Bing Releases Top 2010 Searches

Industry - 8 years ago by Troy Rogers

The top searches on Bing have been revealed. At the top of the most searched people is Kim Kardashian, who also topped the overall searches for 2010. The top searches on Bing were revealed and results show how the list completely changed from last year when Michael Jackson was in read more

The Best Films of 2007

Industry - 11 years ago by Brian Tallerico

Great movies should be able to come from any genre, any director, or any country. When film gets turned into a sum game – add the Oscar nomination total of the cast to the filmography of the crew to the popularity of the source material to the respectability of the subject matter – it becomes repetitive and dull.

The Worst Films of 2007

Industry - 11 years ago by Brian Tallerico

What exactly is a really bad movie? You know it when you see it, but it can be hard to put into words. Here are the worst of 2007.