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Dangers of “the Voices” Schizophrenics Hear

Movies - 3 years ago by Chris

The Voices is the Hollywood directorial debut of Parisian/Persian filmmaker Marjane Satrapi. Starring Ryan Reynolds, who failed to make an impact with his last movie “R.I.P.D.” or the not as well as expected box office result of the “The Green Lantern”, plays the role of a schizophrenic. The movie is read more

The Wedding Ringer-gallery-item-2

The Wedding Ringer: What to Do When You Need a Best Man?

Comedy, Movies - 3 years ago by Chris

More famous for Disney’s animation success “Frozen” in which Josh Gad proved his dialogue delivery as the most creative snowman “Olaf”, he finally gets to prove his physical acting abilities on the screen in The Wedding Ringer. A little bit of junk food entertainment is provided in this feature film read more


The Voices: Best Left Unheard!

Comedy, Movies - 3 years ago by Chris

Ryan Reynolds’ latest movie “The Voices” offers you a rare combination of comedy, crime and thriller. It is full of silliness, yet offers a brilliant plot that is unique in its own sense. The Director, Marjane Satrapi has been successful in creating characters that are complicated to understand, yet interesting read more

Strange Magic Movie sm_4

Strange Magic: Creative Fun for the Young Ones

Animation, Movies - 3 years ago by Chris

Fairies, trolls and goblins, what more could a child want to spark the creativity within them? Strange Magic is every child’s favorite flavor of theatrical ice cream. It is a musical with all the hit songs your young child has grown up listening to. Many might find it to be read more


Jupiter Ascending: Wachowskis Descending

Movies, Sci-fi - 3 years ago by Chris

Enjoy a good family time this February, as Warner Bros Studios offer you an exciting tale of fantasy, action, adventure and sci-fi with its latest movie “Jupiter Ascending”. The movie will make you wonder about the space and beyond. It will awe inspire you with its breath taking special effects read more


“The Boy Next Door”: His Obsession for An Older Woman

Movies, Suspense - 3 years ago by Chris

Rob Cohen, a veteran of action thrillers like “Miami Vice” and the street racing cultural phenomena “The Fast and Furious”, has attempted an erotic thriller that most certainly has a plot that is of a taboo nature. The Boy Next Door is an enticing theatrical concept for younger adults who are read more

Project Almanac

“Project Almanac”: Time Travel for Teens

Movies - 3 years ago by Chris

Project Almanac happens to have the undertones of a teenager turned hero with the ever enchanting story about time travel. This movie is a flat out “Primer meets Chronicle” plot. The film targeted at the youth and young adults who aren’t from the “Back to the Future” era. Teen Fiction read more


“Paddington”: Warm Fuzzy Fun for the Family

Animation, Comedy, Movies - 3 years ago by Chris

I was worried once I heard that “Paddington” the movie was rated PG (Parental Guidance Required) for language, sexual overtones and light threats despite being a beloved children’s series by Michael Bond. However, once I watched it, I was relieved by the fact that the theatrical release had all the read more


Big Eyes: Tim Burton’s Move Away From His Usual Style

Movies - 3 years ago by Chris

After Dark Shadows and Frankenweenie in 2012, Tim Burton, known for his dark and gothic movies, has been absent from the movies. However, he makes a return to the big screen this winter with ‘Big Eyes’. From the word go, it is clear that Burton has stepped out of his read more

Mortdecai character

“Mortdecai”: Classic Comedy of the Artistic Nature

Movies - 3 years ago by Chris

Yes, we all appreciate and enjoy the entertaining traits Johnny Depp adds to the characters he plays on the big screen. Mortdecai is another opportunity for Johnny Depp by Hollywood to show off his humorous comedic abilities. Once again, he is freely allowed to tweak the character according to his read more