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Merchants of Doubt (Global Warming the Impending Doom)

Documentary, Movies - 3 years ago by Chris

Documentaries on global warming have been done before. This is the first time Robert Kenner who directed Food, Inc. attempted to showcase the evidence supporting the dangers of climate change. He attempts to provide a negative point of view on corporations and their elaborate lies justifying their cause. This movie read more


These Final Hours Review: Monotony at Its Best

Action, Movies, Suspense - 3 years ago by Chris

Armageddon, apocalyptic and end of the world movies keep popping up in differing genres. “These Final Hours” is the first end of the world feature to be filmed in Perth, Australia. Writer Director Zac Hilditch has ensured that any trivial silliness of previous themes does not encroach upon this feature. read more

Road Hard Adam_Hallway

Road Hard Movie Review: (Dark Humor? not So Funny)

Comedy, Movies - 3 years ago by Chris

This is a dark comedy, which is a part autobiographical story about a standup comedian Adam Carolla in which he uses his own personal experiences in the industry. Written by Kevin Hench and Carolla the story provides the nuts and bolts of the show business and takes advantage of providing read more

Faults Movie

Faults Movie is Cult Creepy

Drama, Movies - 3 years ago by Chris

The beginning of Faults by Riley Stearn depicts a scene of a public speaker whose glory days are over and has to live with humiliation of living in substandard hotels. It is a broad based comedy with a mean spirit about a weak man who was once a great at read more


Buzzard: (One Crazy Comparison)

Dramedy, Movies - 3 years ago by Chris

Buzzard attempts to provide quality entertainment, considering it meager budget. The movie offers a bit of weirdness with an immense mix grunge. Buzzard stars Joshua Burge with whom Joel Potrykus has collaborated with before. Josh plays the role of a character that is angry and on the verge of scamming read more


An Honest Liar (from Deceiver to Debunker)

Drama, Movies - 3 years ago by Chris

‘An Honest Liar’ is a very entertaining documentary about James “The Amazing” Randi who is a magician and escape artist. His role model was Houdini, which leads him to change his career path by revealing tricks of telepaths and other such professionals of mysticism. Created by Tyler Measom and Justine read more

Love Rosie movie

Love, Rosie: a Cliched Romance

Movies, Romantic Comedy - 3 years ago by Chris

Director Christian Ditter has delivered a wonderful romantic comedy in the form of Love, Rosie. The movie is based on author Cecelia Ahern’s famous novel entitled ‘Where Rainbows End’. Its cast members include Lily Collins (Rose), Sam Claflin (Alex), Jaime Winstone and Tamsin Egerton. The story revolves around Alex and read more


Chappie: Robots in the Real World

Animation, Movies, Super Hero - 3 years ago by admin

As the director that will be filming the upcoming “Alien” movie Neill Blomkamp’s latest release “Chappie” has its highs and lows. It’s a combination of the “thug life” with robotic based science fiction. Deon, the main character creates the technology to give robots a conscious. There is sub-plot of the read more


Kingsman: the Secret Service, Full Value for Your Money

Movies - 3 years ago by admin

From the director that brought you X-Men: Days of Future Past, comes a story of action and adventure that will surely give you a roller-coaster ride. Kingsman: The Secret Service is one of the most anticipated movies of this year. Based on Mark Millar’s famous comic book series “The Secret read more