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Mila Kunis

Actress Mila Kunis Enjoys Marine Corps Ball

Drama, TV - 7 years ago by Troy Rogers

Actress Mila Kunis attended the Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, North Carolina over the weekend with Sergeant Scott Moore, who asked Kunis to the Ball via a highly publicized YouTube video.

Dexter 634

Showtime Renews Dexter for Two More Seasons

Drama - 7 years ago by Troy Rogers

Showtime renewed the popular serial killer series Dexter following a contract dispute with lead actor Michael C. Hall that will see Dexter continue for seventh and eighth seasons.

Daniel Craig James Bond

New Skyfall Photo from Bond Set

Action, Adventure, Classic - 7 years ago by Troy Rogers

The new Skyfall set photo was released on Twitter via @007 to keep James Bond up to date on the daily happenings from the U.K.. the @007 Twitter feed will give fans up to date information of the latest news related to James Bond, 007, and Skyfall.


Mirror Mirror Trailer Light in Tone

Comedy - 7 years ago by Troy Rogers

Check out the new trailer for the Snow White based Mirror Mirror by director Tarsem Singh. The new Mirror Mirror movie approaches the classic Snow White fairy tale in a lighthearted manner, with Lily Collins, Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer, and Nathan Lane along for a new adventure.


Brad Pitt Clarifies Acting Future

Drama - 7 years ago by Troy Rogers

Although actor Brad Pitt recently said he would retire from acting at the age of 50, Pitt recently downplayed his announcement at a press conference for Moneyball in Korea.