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The X-Files

David Duchovny Wants To Believe

Supernatural - 10 years ago by Jordan Riefe

David Duchovny may have found television success again on Showtime’s Californication, but he will always be Fox Mulder to sci-fi fans. For movie goers, he hasn’t played his trademark role in a decade, but anticipation continues to build for X-Files: I Want to Believe, which hits theaters on July 25th, read more

Indiana Jones Last Crusade

Indiana Jones 4: The Scripts That Weren’t

Action, Adventure - 10 years ago by Tom Burns

[Disclaimer: Although this is an exploration of previous unused Indy 4 scripts, alleged storylines, and information that has appeared online over the years, the aggregated info MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS AND THEORIES about the franchise at large. If you don’t want to speculate along with us, we urge you to TURN read more

The Best Films of 2007

Industry - 10 years ago by Brian Tallerico

Great movies should be able to come from any genre, any director, or any country. When film gets turned into a sum game – add the Oscar nomination total of the cast to the filmography of the crew to the popularity of the source material to the respectability of the subject matter – it becomes repetitive and dull.

The Worst Films of 2007

Industry - 10 years ago by Brian Tallerico

What exactly is a really bad movie? You know it when you see it, but it can be hard to put into words. Here are the worst of 2007.