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Black Mass Trailer Released with Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger

Drama, Movies - 5 days ago by admin

Warner Bros. Pictures released a new “Black Mass” trailer for the Boston mobster film. Directed by Scott Cooper (“Crazy Heart”) with 3-time Oscar nominee Johnny Depp in the leading role as James “Whitey” Bulger, the Black Mass trailer will have you wishing time away until the movie premieres in theaters read more

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Terminator Genisys: an Unimaginative Reboot

Action, Movies - 2 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

Terminator was a unique blend of artificial intelligence, time travel and action sequences. Terminator 2: Judgment Day took the blend to new levels. In 2015, liquid metal robots, AI, and time travel are run-of-the-mill concepts. Terminator GeniSys includes all that along with destroying San Francisco for the umpteenth time. Alan read more

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Jackie and Ryan: a Poor Version of Once

Drama, Movies - 2 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

Once, released in 2007, was an independent Irish musical movie, which ended up shocking the world by winning an Oscar. Many movies since have retold the story of two odd people falling in love with acoustic guitars playing in the background. Jackie & Ryan is a similar attempt. A single read more

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Ant-Man: Big Things Come in Small Packages

Animation, Movies - 3 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

Over the recent years, Marvel and Disney has brought us some amazing films and extraordinary characters and Ant-Man promises to be no different. Many who have not read the comics might feel it hard to embrace the lead character (it is one of the franchise’s most absurd characters, yet gets read more

Shark Week Over? Young Great White Beaches in Cape Cod!

Breaking News - 3 weeks ago by admin

Fear not that Shark Week is over. The footage you’re about to watch may be more entertaining than any of the stuff you watched during Shark Week. A young great white shark beaches itself while witnesses say was chasing seagulls in Cape Cod. Many bystanders watch and film the shark while read more

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What Happend to Jimmy Fallon’s Finger?

TV - 3 weeks ago by admin

Last night, Jimmy Fallon returned after spending 10 days in an ICU for a finger injury. For days, it has boggled the minds of The Tonight Show fans wondering what type of finger injury could possibly put you in an ICU for 10 days? Well, last night Fallon shared the story and read more

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Minions: Acquiring Cult Status

Animation, Movies - 4 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

The yellow sidekicks wearing goggles and dungarees from the Despicable Me franchise have graduated to cult status in the titular movie Minions, directed by Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin. The Steve Carrel voiced antagonist is now the movie’s lead as the movie sets stage in London, starting as a prequel read more

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Cartel Land: a Violent Documentary

Documentary, Movies - 4 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

Cartel Land starts with some misdirection. The movie interview candidates are real-life members of cartels manufacturing crystal meth. The director of Cartel Land, Matthew Heineman is gifted with a terrific eye, judging from his detailed documentary about Mexican and American vigilante groups, it’s clear he packs nerves and guts of read more

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#TheXFiles201Day Countdown to X-Files Premiere

TV - 4 weeks ago by admin

As of today, there are 201 days until the “X-Files” premiere this fall. FOX has released a sneak peak of brand new footage of the upcoming season of “X-Files.” Beginning today, a 201 day countdown begins for fans to experience one episode a day, in order, building up to the big read more

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Amy: a Tragic Documentary

Documentary, Movies - 4 weeks ago by Chris D'souza

Asif Kapadia’s Amy, documentary on the deceased singer Amy Winehouse, was featured at this year’s at Cannes Film Festival. It is an intense take on her life, bringing her back to the screen. Basic Premise The titular documentary about Amy Winehouse in her own words features real footage and unreleased read more

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Magic Mike XXL: a Satisfying Boys-Out Pleasure Trip

Movies, Romantic Comedy - 1 month ago by Chris D'souza

Magic Mike, released in 2012, was a risky proposition as it fueled the male objectification norm. However, given its enormous box office success, it is no surprise that a sequel has been made. The movie brings back the cast of the original, minus (obviously) Oscar-winner Matthew McConaughey, and adds numerous read more