Entourage the Movie

Entourage: Fame Is More Fun With Your Friends

Drama, Movies, TV - 11 months ago by Chris

The Entourage movie is finally here. It’s been four years since the show ended and the speculation about a movie spinoff was going on even when the last season was on air. It has taken a lot of time to bring it to the bring screen. So, does Entourage the read more

exodus gods and kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings – a Bloated Mess

Movies, Reviews - 1 year ago by Chris

It is no secret that Ridley Scott has lost his powers. Whether it happened after Gladiator, or did he fool critics into praising his movies before that, but one thing is for sure: the guy can’t make a decent movie. The fact that he is almost an octogenarian doesn’t help read more

The Other Woman Movie

The Other Woman – a Laugh Riot

Comedy, Movies, Movies, Reviews - 2 years ago by Chris

With serious competition to stay at the top this summer, The Other Woman has managed to appeal to a large percentage of the audience. In fact, it is surprising how this film succeeded since its release was made in time for another comedy epic known as ‘Neighbors’. The movie can read more

Heaven Is For Real

A Quick Look at Heaven Is for Real

Drama, Movies, Movies, Reviews - 2 years ago by Chris

Heaven Is for Real is based on the #1 New York Times best seller which has the same name. The movie targets a niche that is quite difficult to accomplish successfully. However, it has gained quite some attention with its unique story and perspective on the human condition and our faith read more

The Lego Movie

Best Movies of 2014 So Far

Movies, Reviews - 2 years ago by Chris

The year has been promising with the movies offering the audiences much more than they expect. The audiences are hungry for more than impressive visuals. They want to see unique narratives and a new way of storytelling. Technology has now made the process of filmmaking diversified. Some movies have been read more

Labor Day Movie

4 Great Movies of 2013 You Wouldn’t Have Heard Of

Movies, Reviews - 2 years ago by Chris

The year 2013 was quite impressive in terms of movies with blockbuster releases from the beginning. The competition for being in the limelight has never been stronger. The constant emphasis on storytelling and innovation cinematography and visual effects has led to the creation of new and ground-breaking methods. However, there read more