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The Simpsons

Season 23 of The Simpsons Could Be the End

Animated, Comedy - 7 years ago by Troy Rogers

A Friday deadline at Fox for voice actors on The Simpsons to accept a new pay cut contract will determine the future of The Simpsons. Six voice actors on The Simpsons have rejected a 30 percent pay cut to continue the popular animated series which is in its 23rd season. According to Reuters, an executive close to The Simpsons production revealed that an offer from read more

South Park Scientology

“South Park” Battles Scientology, Tom Cruise

Animated - 12 years ago by Steve Taylor

With the departure of Isaac Hayes from the hit Comedy Central series, South Park, it seemed fairly obvious that South Park and Scientology were destined to be at odds. In fact, South Park has initially put Scientology in its cross-hairs with the episode , “Trapped In the Closet”, which mocked read more