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Saturday Night Live

Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin on SNL

Comedy - 7 years ago by Troy Rogers

Actor Alec Baldwin hosted Saturday Night Live for the 16th time over the weekend in New York City where Steve Martin and Seth Rogen interrupted the opening SNL monologue. Alec Baldwin was surprised by Steve Martin on Saturday when Martin crashed the opening monologue to give Baldwin a urine test. read more

Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello to Guest on Two and a Half Men

Comedy - 7 years ago by Troy Rogers

True Blood star Joe Manganiello will appear on Two and a Half Men in a guest spot as the boyfriend of the ex-wife of Walden Schmidt, played by Ashton Kutcher. Entertainment Weekly reports that Two and a Half Men will feature True Blood star Joe Manganiello in a guest role read more

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris Lands on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Comedy - 7 years ago by Larson Hill

Neil Patrick Harris received his first star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday when the Harris star was placed in the walk near the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. The star ceremony for Neil Patrick Harris was held in celebration of the upcoming DVD release of How I Met read more

Sarah Lancaster

Chuck Actress Sarah Lancaster a New Mother

Comedy - 7 years ago by Troy Rogers

Chuck actress Sarah Lancaster and real life husband Matthew Jacobs celebrated the summer birth of their new son, Oliver Michael, who was born on June 29. According to People, a representative for Sarah Lancaster, who plays Ellie Bartowski on the series Chuck, revealed that Lancaster gave birth to a baby read more

Two and a Half Men

Ashton Kutcher in New Two and a Half Men Opening

Comedy - 7 years ago by Troy Rogers

CBS released the new show opening for Two and a Half Men with Ashton Kutcher that shows Kutcher taking over Charlie Sheen in a reworked musical number. In the new musical opening for Two and a Half Men, a bigger Angus Jones fills the vacant spot left by Charlie Sheen read more

Glee Season 3

New Glee Season 3 Preview

Celebrity, Comedy - 7 years ago by Troy Rogers

Ahead of the Season 3 premiere of Glee on September 20, Fox released another preview for Gleekers to enjoy before fans and Glee cast members return to McKinley High. In the new Season 3 preview of Glee set the The Go Go’s “We Got The Beat”, it’s a new year read more

Shane Harper

Shane Harper’s Top 10 Favorite Movies

Comedy, Music - 7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Although 18-year old Shane Harper made a splash last summer with his video for “Dance With Me”, Harper has been raising his game in the recording studio with Glee hit-maker Adam Anders for his self-titled debut. A triple threat actor, dancer, and musician, Shane Harper has appeared in such films read more


New Glee Season 3 Promo

Comedy, Music - 7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Fox has released a promo for Glee Season 3, showing the Glee cast is ready for a new season of comedy, drama and song at McKinley High.

Miley Cyrus

Is Miley Cyrus a Good Fit for Glee?

Comedy, Music - 8 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

After a successful first season on Fox, featuring the music of Lady Gaga and Madonna to name a few, Glee has fast become the “it” show among TV and music lovers. Given the popularity of Glee and the huge fan base of Miley Cyrus, would Miley be a good fit read more