Mark Burnett talking to bands for Rock Star 3

11 years ago by Reg Seeton

Mark BurnettIf you’re a fan of the Mark Burnett produced reality hits Rock Star INXS and Rock Star Supernova, we have good news. On Friday, February 8, The Deadbolt took part in a conference call with reality producer extraordinaire Mark Burnett and comedian/show host Dennis Miller to promote NBC’s upcoming original high-energy comedy game show Amne$ia, hosted by Miller and created by Mark Burnett Productions.

On the call, after we got the goods on the upcoming Amne$ia (which we’ll be bringing to you next week before the February 22 premiere), The Deadbolt‘s Troy Rogers asked Burnett about the status of the Rock Star series, which launched the successful comeback of INXS in 2005 with new frontman and Rock Star winner J.D. Fortune. As well, the popular series put together the super group Rock Star Supernova the following season, which included Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke, ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newstead and season two Rock Star winner Lukas Rossi. Although we haven’t seen the show resurface since 2006, it appears the demand is still high for the show to return.

So what’s the current status of Rock Star, and will it be back for a third season? Here’s what Mark Burnett revealed to us about the future of Rock Star:

Yes, it’s funny… you look at these online studies and one of the most requested shows to come back, from anything I’ve done, is Rock Star. And yes, I’m in discussions with various bands. But there is one flaw as a business in that you have to find a suitable rock band that actually wants to find a new lead singer. So you’ve got a barrier to entry, but yes, we are in discussions and people do want to see that series again.

Here’s to hoping a few well-known but defunct and “lead-singerless” bands step forward to answer the call. We can think of at least two in the last 15 years. Rock on!

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Reg Seeton

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