Celebrity Apprentice: Boardroom Bonus Sign

8 years ago by Reg Seeton

Celebrity ApprenticeAlthough John Rich was named winner of Celebrity Apprentice this past week after Donald Trump chose Rich over actress Marlee Matlin, a new Celebrity Apprentice bonus scene shows Marlee teaching Trump how to sign the famous line “You’re fired” in the boardroom. Despite placing second to John Rich in the finale of Celebrity Apprentice, Marlee Matlin taught Donald Trump how to say “You’re fired” using sign language in a newly released bonus scene in which Trump does his best to learn on the fly in front of Celebrity Apprentice winner John Rich, Don Jr. and Ivanka Trump.

The candid bonus scene from Celebrity Apprentice begins with Donald Trump asking Marlee how to sign “You’re fired” before Trump takes a few practice signs and jokingly throws it back at Marlee Matlin who doesn’t want to be fired before the Celebrity Apprentice finale. To help Donald Trump understand the hand movement of “You’re fired, Marlee tells Trump that it’s “just like you’re chopping off someone’s head.” The bonus scene from Celebrity Apprentice shows a candid lighthearted moment before John Rich and Marlee Matlin went head to head in the live finale.

Check out the Celebrity Apprentice bonus scene in which Marlee tries to teach Trump how to sign “You’re fired.”

Celebrity Apprentice – Bonus Scene – How To Sign “You’re Fired”

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