Britney Spears Beauty Secrets

7 years ago by Troy Rogers

Britney Spears looks great on her current Femme Fatale Tour and now Allure magazine has the secrets as to how Britney maintains her image while on the road.

In an interview with Allure magazine, makeup artist and hairstylist Marco Berardini discussed what he does backstage on the Femme Fatale Tour to make Britney Spears look her best. “I really wanted to play up the idea of femme fatale,” said Berardini to Allure. “When I think of femme fatale, I think of European actresses like Brigitte Bardot,” said Berardini. “It’s the epitome of a strong woman. I wanted to bring out that strength and sexiness for all the girls on tour.”

When it comes to the Femme Fatale hairstyles of Britney Spears, Berardini explained that each change in style depends on where Britney performs. “We change her hair every show,” added Berardini. “I try to feel the vibe of the city we’re in.”

To learn the types of makeup that Britney Spears uses under the hot lights during her two hour show, check out the full interview with Marco Berardini at Allure.

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