Dick Cheney Reflects on White House and Middle East

7 years ago by Larson Hill

Former Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney stopped by The Tonight Show to chat with Jay Leno about his new book and his time in the White House. While on The Tonight Show, Dick Cheney discussed his Darth Vader image and getting kicked out of Yale twice! During his time in Tonight Show hot seat, Dick Cheney also talked about his early party days, how he got into politics, why he decided to write his new book after his time in Washington and how Cheney wanted to leave an accurate account of his time in the White House.

After a controversial time in office as Vice President, Dick Cheney talked about former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and also explained the issue of waterboarding and why it was used on terrorists to get intelligence to keep America safe. In the final Tonight Show clip, Dick Cheney shares his thoughts on Republican Presidential candidates and the Tea Party.

Check out Dick Cheney on The Tonight Show below:

The Tonight Show – Dick Cheney, Part 1

The Tonight Show – Dick Cheney, Part 2

The Tonight Show – Dick Cheney, Part 3

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Larson Hill

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