Lady Gaga Received Tattoo from Kat Von D

7 years ago by Troy Rogers

Lady GagaBefore Lady Gaga became a household name, Gaga received a lower back tattoo from L.A. Ink artist Kat Von D, who worked on the singer in a Los Angeles alley.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Lady Gaga and tattoo artist Kat Von D met in 2008 before Gaga was a superstar and recent footage shows that Von D tattooed the back of Gaga in the alley behind the High Voltage shop of L.A. Ink.

In the newly released clip, Lady Gaga and Kat Von D chat about Gaga moving to Los Angeles as a singer/songwriter and how she worked with New Kids on the Block.

Check out Lady Gaga as she gets L.A. inked with a tattoo from Kat Von D below:

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