Michele Bachmann Addresses Issues on The Tonight Show

7 years ago by Troy Rogers

Michele BachmannRepublican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann hit The Tonight Show on Friday to sit with Jay Leno and talk about winning the Iowa Straw Poll and the HPV vaccine. While on The Tonight Show, Michele Bachmann revealed to Jay that she’s in for the long haul in the race leading up to the 2012 election before Bachmann detailed the importance of the new HPV vaccine program.

Michele Bachmann also addressed a recent moment in Tampa, Florida where Bachmann was approached by a concerned mother.

After explaining her stance on the HPV issue, Michele Bachmann discusses the Tea Party, gay marriage and Sarah Palin during her visit to The Tonight Show. For those who don’t quite know what the Tea Party stands for, Michele Bachmann educated viewers on how the Tea Party fights against high taxes, irresponsible government spending, and keeping the government in check.

Check out Michele Bachmann on The Tonight Show below:

The Tonight Show – Michele Bachmann – Part 1

The Tonight Show – Michele Bachmann – Part 2

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