Season 7 Bones with Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan

7 years ago by Troy Rogers

Bones Season 7Ahead of the Season 7 premiere of Bones on November 3 called “The Memories in the Shallow Grave”, executive producers Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan recently opened up about the new dynamics to come on Bones. Now that Emily Deschanel’s Brennan is with child, both she and David Boreanaz’s Booth have their hands full in new ways.

In “The Memories in the Shallow Grave”, the remains of a woman are found in a paintball field which forces Booth (Boreanaz) and Sweets (John Francis Daley) to interrogate the victim’s husband. When they learn that she suffered from retrograde amnesia but survived a bullet wound, inconsistencies in her medical records uncover a surprising crime linked to her murder.

Prior to the Season 7 premiere of Bones on Fox, TheDeadbolt caught up with Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan to get the scoop on the amnesia aspects of the new episode, new forensics techniques, and how religion will play a part in Booth and Brennan’s baby.

THE DEADBOLT: Can you talk about the amnesia aspects within the premiere and how that concept came about?

STEPHEN NATHAN: It was last year when we were planning the new season. We really wanted to have an episode that would kind of resonate with what Booth and Brennan where going through. What you bring to a new relationship, and how it’s been formed completely by your past and whether you can remake those memories and what it is to make new memories. So, we were just kind of playing with that concept. And then, we also thought it was a cool murder. I want to make it deeper than that, but a cool murder usually wins out.

HART HANSON: We always start with a cool murder or a cool corpse, I should say.

THE DEADBOLT: Can you both talk about how you keep up with changes in real forensics and investigation techniques between seasons and how they impact the writers?

HANSON: Oh well, we have quite a few. There’s a writer’s room full of smart writers who are digging through stuff all the time. I have a bin full of technological ideas. One of the writers seems to come in with cool technology.

NATHAN: There’s a group of them. They come in with new equipment that has just been developed and new investigatory techniques. It’s a remarkable group of people, because they will come to us and say, “Well, you know, this person could have been murdered, actually in another galaxy. It’s totally real at this point and wind up in somebody’s ‘Soup for One’ can.” It’s crazy.

HANSON: Yes, I have to credit that to the writer’s room, because I don’t know about you Stephen, but I’m certainly not looking for new forensics techniques in my down time.

NATHAN: No. I would say that 90% of the stuff that we do in the show is completely real and scientifically accurate. We might stretch or shrink the time as necessary, but the science is correct and usually is mind boggling to us.

HANSON: Yes, and people do send us [tips]. I mean, we get links all of the time to journals and new forensic techniques and scientific techniques. I happen to send them immediately up to the writing room. I don’t even read them because it makes my head hurt, but now I just send them up to the writer’s room and they churn those things out. They’re an amazing group of people.

THE DEADBOLT: Will religion be an issue with Booth and Brennan having the baby together, raising it in the church, getting it baptized, everything like that?

HANSON: Oh, I would say so. Wouldn’t you Stephen?

NATHAN: Oh, yes, we’re still playing that. They’re going through all of those huge issues that any couple goes through when they’re having a baby.

HANSON: And the stakes are raised. They used to have these kind of theoretical arguments about God versus science. Well, now the stakes are raised. It has to do with the upbringing and shaping of a human being. So, it only makes it—that’s what I mean about it being such a gift to us. It’s like, “Oh wow! This brings a whole new level to the disagreements these two radically different people have about the way the world works and where people fit in the world.”

NATHAN: And you will see that in the first episodes and also I can, without telling you anything at all, episode seven is that big time. Yes, they’re dealing with that issue in a pretty intense way, yes.

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