Brad Pitt Clarifies Acting Future

7 years ago by Troy Rogers

Although actor Brad Pitt recently said he would retire from acting at the age of 50, Pitt recently downplayed his announcement at a press conference for Moneyball in Korea.

According to Hollywood Reporter, actor Brad Pitt backpedaled on recent comments that he would retire at the age of 50 while promoting Moneyball in Korea. At a press conference on Tuesday, Pitt told reporters that although he does see an end to his acting career, he doesn’t have a solid date for his retirement from the big screen. “I wasn’t putting an exact deadline on my expiration date (as an actor),” said Pitt in the report, “but I just see it coming and I do have an interest in the producing side.”

THR reports that given his interest in producing, Brad Pitt also discussed the many changes of the film industry in the global marketplace and how a worldwide approach to films will open more doors for creative people.

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Troy Rogers

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