Glee Christmas Preview with Bono and Sting

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Ahead of the Glee Christmas episode called “Extraordinary Merry Christmas”, Fox released a new preview of the holiday Glee goodness with Bono of U2 and Sting of The Police who reflect on the classic charity song “Do They Know It’s Christmas” by Band Aid.

In the new Glee preview of “Extraordinary Merry Christmas”, Glee star Jane Lynch kicks off the clip with a behind the scenes look at the holiday cheer on set before Glee newcomer Damian McGinty reflects on the impact of “Do They Know It’s Christmas” in which U2 singer Bono and Sting were part of back in the ’80s.

In the Glee Christmas preview, Bono shares his personal feelings about “Do They Know It’s Christmas” and how the song impacted his career before Sting remembers how the entire British music industry came together to help feed the hungry in Africa.

Check out the Glee Christmas preview with Bono and Sting below:

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