Selena Gomez Confirms Break from Music

7 years ago by Larson Hill

Selena Gomez is taking a break from music after Gomez confirmed the news in a recent interview about her future plans in 2012.

Although Selena Gomez is still on tour until February in support of her latest album, When the Sun Goes Down, Gomez confirmed to E! News that she’s taking a hiatus from singing. “We’re going to take a break from music,” Gomez revealed to the outlet. “My band and I are going to chill on that for a second.”

The decision by to take a break from music doesn’t come as a surprise since Selena Gomez is currently involved in three feature films. However, Selena Gomez also revealed to E! News that she’ll be starting work on two of them at the beginning of 2012. Gomez added that both projects are uniquely different and will be taking on roles that she’s never stepped into before.

Gomez is currently attached to Spring Breakers with James Franco and fellow Disney mate Vanessa Hudgens, another film called Hot Mess before Gomez takes the lead in Thirteen Reasons Why, a big screen adaptation of the 2007 young adult novel by author Jay Asher.

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Larson Hill

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