Lana Del Rey Fans Show Support After SNL

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Although singer Lana Del Ray was criticized for her performances on Saturday Night Live, many fans still support Del Rey the following day.

Although some took issue with Lana Del Rey actually landing a musical gig on SNL, others voiced their displeasure on Sunday after what many felt was a poor outing by Del Rey. Despite a wave of criticism, fans of Lana Del Rey were out in full force throughout Twitter to show their support.

One Twitter user named Kim felt for Lana on Sunday after her SNL gig. “Poor #Lanadelrey, it’s gotta be a rough morning for her.”

Another Twitter user named LostExpat shared a similar sentiment. “Everyone give @lanadelrey a break,” she tweeted. “She is an amazing singer and the fact she made it on SNL when her album isn’t even out yet says so much.”

Within the show of support, Twitter user Ray actually did give Lana a break. “Ok, I enjoyed @LanaDelRey ‘s performances. They weren’t her best but I still like her [and] stand behind her. Can’t wait for the album!”

However, Twitter user xRyANLiNKx made what may be the most appropriate statement yet regarding Lana Del Rey on SNL. “All this talk about #LanaDelRey on #SNL is kind of proving that there’s no such thing as negative publicity.”

What did you think of Lana Del Rey on Saturday Night Live?

Lana Del Rey on SNL – “Video Games”

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