Inside West of Memphis with Peter Jackson and Amy Berg

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

West of Memphis producer Peter Jackson and director Amy Berg recently shared their thoughts on the gripping case of the West Memphis Three and the miscarriage of justice.

In a great, in-depth DP/30 interview on YouTube, Peter Jackson and Amy Berg open up about why they wanted to bring West of Memphis to life as a film and their thoughts about the case. West of Memphis chronicles the story of Jason Baldwin, Jesse Misskelley Jr., and Damien Echols who were convicted of murder. Each was arrested and charged with three counts of capital murder, with one sentenced to death. After more investigation, however, other suspects began to surfaced that indicated the law may have made a mistake.

For the interview, Jackson and Berg go into details about bringing West of Memphis to life, keeping their involvement quiet, working with lawyers, and establishing trust with everyone involved. Also in the interview, Peter Jackson explains how West of Memphis is essentially a summary of what the defense’s case would have been had it gone to a re-trial.

Check out Peter Jackson and Amy Berg in the DP/30 interview as they discuss West of Memphis below:

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