The Biggest Loser: Nancy Reflects on Exit and Adrian

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

This week on The Biggest Loser, 63-year old Nancy Rajala saw her time at The Biggest Loser ranch come to an end when she was eliminated from competition.

Although Nancy became one of the most well-liked contestants on The Biggest Loser this season, the 63-year old mother of ten had to say good-bye to her Red Team for a final time. Despite a slow start in The Biggest Loser gym when the season began, Nancy found her groove and the right momentum thanks to the help of Biggest Loser trainer Dolvett Quince.

When The Deadbolt caught up with Nancy Rajala this week after her elimination from The Biggest Loser ranch, Nancy was quick to give credit to Dolvett.

“Dolvett was an extremely patient, kind person that knew that I had a little bit of concentration at first because it took me a while to get going in the gym.”

“I think I did really well the first time in the gym,” Nancy admitted to The Deadbolt, “but he was very patient and was very kind and took a lot of things into consideration. He really knows what he was doing.”

Although Nancy bonded with her Red Team contestants on The Biggest Loser, this week saw the return of Aqua Team members Adrian Dortch and Daphne Dortch, the brother and sister team that was sent home in episode one. Upon their return to The Biggest Loser ranch after losing the required 50 pounds to get back into competition, Daphne went to the Black Team while Adrian joined Nancy on the Red Team.

For Adrian, however, the Red Team wasn’t quite as welcoming after forming strong bonds over five weeks. As well, it appears that Adrian came on a bit to strong.

So, did Nancy feel the Red Team was too hard on Adrian, or did he contribute to his own drama? For Nancy, there are two sides to every Biggest Loser coin in competition.

“I think every person has something that somebody else might not like or approve of, and I think that’s true with most of the contestants there. But we’re all there for a reason. We’re there to get healthy and lose weight.”

As for Adrian specifically, Nancy felt that hindsight is always 20/20.

“I think he was different and he came on too strong,” Nancy continued.

“But all in all, I think it could have been handled differently. To me, I really feel you have to be nice to people when they come in. It wasn’t something where he just pushed himself in, they brought him in and I felt we should welcome him.”

Interestingly, Nancy also admitted that she saw it from more of a human perspective rather than Biggest Loser game play.

“If he’s a little different or comes on a little strong – and by different I mean he’s pretty dramatic. But a lot of people are dramatic on the show. He should be treated the way we would want to be treated if it were us. Sure a lot of people understand the game and how it’s played, but I don’t think like that. I wasn’t about to judge him on anything, I was willing to give him a little bit of time.”

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