Supernatural Preview Shows Killer Demon in “Repo Men”

7 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

Jared Padalecki in Supernatural "Repo Men"

Ahead of the February 17 episode of Supernatural called “Repo Men”, The CW released a preview that shows Sam and Dean on the hunt for a killer demon

Supernatural has gotten darker by the week in its final season and this week Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) try to reign in a demon who possesses people and turns them into serial killers in “Repo Men”.

“Repo Men” may very well be the most frightening episode of Supernatural to date. Just watching the preview is enough to give you chills. Although Sam faced his fear of clowns last week, it looks like Dean is in a lot of trouble this week on Supernatural. And we already know what happens when Dean gets angry.

Check the preview of Supernatural and “Repo Men” below:

Supernatural – “Repo Men”

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Nadya Vlassoff

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  • Kadysn

    Why do you say this is the show’s final season? Nothing has been announced to that effect. In fact, everyone in the know seems to feel season 8 is almost guaranteed. 

    • Paige

       I agree. Considering that CW will run successful shows until the actors say they’ve had enough (Smallville, OTH) and the new head is a fan of SPN, it’s a little presumptuous to say this is the final season. SPN’s ratings have been pretty good all season, so saying that this is the last season is ridiculous.

  • St3ph3n-29

    It’s not the final season, they’ve planned to start shooting season 8 soon

  • Anonymous

    Not the final season. The Js are signed on for 8, everyone is just waiting on the CW. Everyone seems pretty confident 8 will go ahead, and as they are currently the 2nd highest rating program on the CW, I doubt there’s any doubt.

  • Jenny

    Why do you say it’s the final season of Supernatural? It’s seems highly likely there will be at least another one.