The Biggest Loser: Roy Pickler Reflects on Adrian and Emotions

7 years ago by Diana Daley

Dolvett Quince and Roy Pickler on The Biggest Loser

This week on The Biggest Loser, 63-year old Roy Pickler saw his time at the ranch come to an end only one week after the controversial exit of team mate Adrian Dortch.

Although Roy Pickler looked a lot like jolly old Santa Claus at 306 pounds when he entered The Biggest Loser with wife Chris of the Black Team, Roy left the ranch a changed man after losing over 50 pounds. Despite battling hard to lose weight each week, Roy also found himself on a Red Team divided when former team mate Adrian Dortch and his sister Daphne were allowed back on The Biggest Loser only two weeks prior.

Interestingly, when this week’s Biggest Loser episode began, Roy was the first to stand beside Daphne when the ranchers got back into The Biggest Loser house after voting Adrian out of competition. It was a Biggest Loser moment that showed  Roy obviously cared about how Daphne would react in the moment knowing that the Red Team was responsible for sending her brother home.

As it turned out, it wasn’t Roy who Daphne had a problem with on the Red Team since Conda seemingly had it our for Adrian from the time he returned to the ranch.

So, how did Roy feel about the Biggest Loser drama that took place this season with Adrian? When The Deadbolt spoke with Roy the day after being voted out, Pickler was a sound voice of reason.

“That was a difficult situation,” Roy told The Deadbolt.

“Adrian got caught in a lot of controversy and not all of his doing. I often talk to Adrian about that it wasn’t a question of what he was saying, he was being honest with people, it was sometimes a question of timing. And he wasn’t the only one guilty of that. So I felt for him and I’m still in touch with him and consider him a friend.”

After getting back to Biggest Loser business in the gym this past week, Roy looked a bit out of sorts with his team. At one point this week, Roy took some time for himself away from the gym and his team mates. As a result, it appeared to some (namely Mark) that Roy wasn’t giving it his all.

As we found out, however, life on The Biggest Loser was a mental challenge for both Roy and his wife Chris, who had a tough time being away from home.

Given the physical demands of the show and losing weight, how did Roy and Chris handle the mental hurdles to stay focused?

“Funny you should ask that,” Roy added to The Deadbolt.

“Two weeks prior to getting voted off, Chris and I both had what we term meltdowns, emotional meltdowns. We went off and worked our interpersonal time together and were doing work outs off camera when the groups weren’t together. Often before the work outs started in the day, we were already pretty exhausted by the time we got through our work outs. I think that led to the group suspecting we weren’t giving it our all when in reality we were just tired.”

Although some of his ranch mates thought Roy was under-performing, Roy actually lost 9 pounds this past week to remain a strong competitor.

So, how did The Biggest Loser impact Roy’s relationship with wife Chris and their life as a couple?

In the end, the show had a positive effect on both Roy and Chris, who’s still in competition.

“We had a chance to work through our personal issues and it just strengthened our marriage.”

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Diana Daley joined The Deadbolt in 2010 as a feature contributor and interviewer. She currently covers The Biggest Loser on NBC and conducts the weekly exit interviews leading up to the finale.