The Biggest Loser: Daphne Dortch, “We never had a chance”

7 years ago by Diana Daley

Daphne Dortch of The Biggest Loser

This week on The Biggest Loser, Daphne Dortch saw her time at the ranch come to an end after re-entering The Biggest Loser house with her brother Adrian.

Although Daphne and Adrian were sent home from The Biggest Loser in the season premiere weeks ago, both Daphne and Adrian returned to the ranch after losing 50 pounds. However, based on what fans of The Biggest Loser saw in recent weeks, Daphne and Adrian weren’t welcomed back into the house with open arms. As it turned out, Adrian was eliminated by his Red Team in a controversial exit that had many fans up in arms over how he and Daphne were treated.

Despite lasting two more weeks than her brother, Daphne was eliminated this week after making a key decision that turned the tables on Conda and her brother Jeremy. For Daphne, there was a sweet smell of revenge at the elimination table this week on The Biggest Loser.

So, given all of the drama that Daphne Dortch endured on The Biggest Loser, how does she feel now about what took place? When The Deadbolt caught up with Daphne the day after her elimination from The Biggest Loser, Dortch was reflective about her experience.

“It was nasty and there are always two sides to every story. We’re filmed 24 hours a day, so of course in 2 hours you can’t possible see everything that goes on. But as far as how everyone reacted to us in the house, I believe we never had a chance.”

Despite being sent home from The Biggest Loser in the first episode under a collective air of inspiration and hope from their fellow contestants, it was surprising to see how the ranchers turned so quickly on Daphne and Adrian.

In a season of “no excuses” on The Biggest Loser, it was clear that both teams had excuses for not accepting Daphne and her brother.

“They knew whoever lost the challenge the first night that it was going to be very difficult for whoever came back. The people already in the house had bonded for a month before we even got there. So I think it solely came down to that they had formed a bond, even after my brother and I got back into the house.”

Although both Daphne and Adrian tried to rise above The Biggest Loser drama from their team mates, it was clear that taking the high road was a work out in itself.

So, looking back on her return to The Biggest Loser ranch, how does Daphne Dortch think she and her brother did against the others who were already weeks into the gym. For Daphne, it was a seamless transition from home to The Biggest Loser house.

Still, after working hard to get back in the game, neither Daphne or Adrian received the proper recognition from their team mates.

“I also believe that my brother and I, we’re very strong people. It didn’t take us long to get up to speed with everyone else. The first day we were there, we didn’t pass out. The exercises were basically what we had been doing at home. So I think they also saw us as a threat.”

Now that Daphne is drama free and away from game to get back to Biggest Loser business at home, the show has had a positive impact on her weight loss and relationship with her children.

As Daphne revealed to The Deadbolt, her experience on The Biggest Loser was life changing in more ways than one.

“This part is THE best part. I’m 37 years old, I was at home living with my parents – not because I didn’t have money or couldn’t live on my own – and I was living in fear. I was living in fear every day. I thought every day I was going to die. I was uncomfortable sleeping by myself. I wouldn’t even go to sleep if no one was in the house with me. So, losing this weight, I’ve already won The Biggest Loser. I can sleep at night now. This is the best prize in the world to me.”

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