American Idol Recap: Bottom Six Pack Sighs and Saves

7 years ago by Nadya Vlassoff

American Idol said goodbye to singer Jeremy Rosado on Thursday night after the Idol judges sent Rosado home in favor of keeping hopeful Elise Testone, who breathed an obvious sigh of relief.

Although Fox released the Top 13 American Idol photo shoot this week, the Idol field was quickly narrowed to 12 singers on Thursday. Despite being saved by judges Steven, Randy, and J-Lo a week earlier, and a decent showing on Wednesday on Stevie Wonder’s “Ribbon in the Sky”, Rosado couldn’t hang on to continue his journey on American Idol. After giving it his all on the show, it just wasn’t meant to be for Jeremy.

For Elise Testone, luck was on her side this week on American Idol after a weak performance on the late Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight.” Since it was Jimmy Iovine’s last minute suggestion to switch from “The Greatest Love of All”, it’s likely Testone was off of her game completely. To stick around, however, Elise will need to amp up her Idol game big time!

So, with three guys and three girls falling into the bottom of the Idol six-pack, Jermaine Jones and Joshua Ledet got a break when Rosado was sent home. Although Erika van Pelt and Shannon Magrane joined Elise to form the bottom trio of girls, each were given a reprieve by the judges for another week.

New Voting:

We know that American Idol needs to keep pace with the other shows and make a few changes. With the lowest vote-getting guy and girl left standing at the end, something feels a bit awkward. I can’t put my finger on it. I like the idea but it just feels a bit too snoozy. I don’t know. Put the final two in a cage, release a gorilla, and make it a song and dance number. Just saying …

What did you guys think of the new voting process and the final girl and guy?

What do you think?

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