Chris Rene of The X Factor Releases “Young Homie” Video

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Former X Factor contestant Chris Rene unveiled the music video for his first single “Young Homie” on VEVO through Epic Records to start his singing career.

Following a performance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Chris Rene rocketed up the iTunes pop chart with “Young Homie,” landing in the Top 20.

The video for “Young Homie” was shot in Chris Rene’s hometown by director Jeremy Rall (Jay-Z, Snoop Dog, Ludacris) and gives fans a snapshot of the places and people Chris grew up with and the inspiration for the song.

Check out the new Chris Rene video for “Young Homie” below:

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Reg Seeton

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  • Chris Rene is just what this world is craving.  He is SO real, the truth and has an energy that simply cannot be put into words.  Young Homie is genius.  Love the video! and cannot wait to buy his CD.  So happy for this journey Chris is taking. He truly deserves the best.

  • Jayleen Bernal

    Love the video, love the lyrics and will buy anything Chris writes, produces and performs.

  • EtoYa20091

    Young Homie video was true, real, authentic and had a beautiful feel-good vibe about it. Chris Rene’s sister, friends, his sons were all in the video. It is so rare to have a song that is inspiring, positive, catchy and super swag all at the same time. And do I need to say it.. Chris is hot! :). 

  • Shana

    Chris Rene has become the WORLD’S “addiction”.  Nice job, my friend!!!!!

  • Lindepp29

    Chris, you are amazing! As Paula said at your audition, “you are so talented, words cannot articulate”. Young Homie video was so heartfelt and true to who you really are. This is just the beginning for you my friend. I wish you much success and happiness. Your true renelians will always be “right here” for you. LL

  • NativeAzGirl

    Love this song! I heard it for the first time on the radio yesterday. I hope he goes far in his career & accomplishes his dreams! 🙂 He is amazingly talented! Best wishes to you Chris!

  • chiva339

    love love love the video refreshing to not see drugs,sex,bling …much love chris rene!!!!!!!!!!!