Jon Hamm Addresses Mad Men and Kim Kardashian on Late Night

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Jon HammMad Men actor Jon Hamm stopped by the set of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to chat about the return of Don Draper on Mad Men and his recent Kim Kardashian comments.

In the newly released Late Night interview, Jon Hamm talks about about landing the role of Don Draper on Mad Men, working with Fallon on Saturday Night Live, how his recent Kim Kardashian comments weren’t that much of a problem (really) and that he was jokingly up against Kardashian for his role in the popular AMC series. As well, Hamm tells Jimmy about a Bridesmaids cast reunion in the first part of the new Late Night interview.

In the second part, Jon Hamm takes a look at new promo for the upcoming season of Mad Men before checking out a few more Late Night promo shots for the AMC show, which returns on March 25. As fans can see, Don Draper falls on a whale, rides a motorbike, and goes deep in an unexpected way. At the end of the Late Night segment, Jimmy and Jon Hamm square off in a game of war surrounded by water, and neither will emerges dry.

Check out Jon Hamm as he discusses Mad Men, Kim Kardashian, and more below:

Mad Men actor Jon Hamm, Part 1

Mad Men actor Jon Hamm, Part 2

Mad Men actor Jon Hamm, Part 3

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