The Voice: James Massone Talks “True Colors” Battle

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

James Massone and WADE on The Voice

For Monday night’s final battle on The Voice, singer James Massone squared off against WADE to determine the last spot on Team Cee Lo Green ahead of the live rounds.

When The Voice battles continued this week on The Voice, Cee Lo pitted James Massone and WADE against each other on the Cyndi Lauper hit “True Colors”. Although WADE was a favorite to win, with an advantage on the song, Massone had to find a way to connect to the timeless Cyndi Lauper tune in order to survive another week on The Voice. When the battle between James Massone and Wade began, it was clear that Massone tapped into his own unique identity as a singer to wow not only Cee Lo but also the other Voice coaches.

At the end of Monday night, James Massone earned the last spot on Team Cee Lo while WADE had to say goodbye to his fellow competitors.

So, how did James Massone feel about singing “True Colors” on Monday night? As mason told The Deadbolt the next day, it was all about believing in himself.

“Obviously working with Ne-Yo and Cee Lo helped me out, but that song kind of grew on me. I really didn’t want to be doing Cyndi Lauper and “True Colors” and I didn’t think I could’ve done that.”

Interestingly, heading into the final battle on The Voice, WADE had the upper hand since Cee Lo admitted that he wanted a Soul Brother #2 give WADE’s Stax style. As soon as the battle began on The Voice, it was the unique voice of Massone that stood out and was undeniably the most memorable of the duet.

For WADE, despite being eliminated, it was still a strong showing on The Voice.

Unfortunately for WADE, someone had to go home.

Given the challenge of singing “True Colors”, how did James Massone connect to the song between rehearsals and the stage?

“In rehearsals, I was thinking of the words. And the words meant something to Cee Lo enough for him to get emotional over it, so that made me want to go out there and kind of make the song my own and do what I had to do.”

What do you think?

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