Mitt Romney Talks Issues, Obamacare on The Tonight Show

7 years ago by Reg Seeton

Mitt Romney on The Tonight Show - (c) 2012 NBC

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to discuss a variety of controversial issues, including Obamacare and the other Republican nominees.

While on The Tonight Show this week, Mitt Romney talked to Jay Leno about the challenges of the Republican Presidential race, the nomination process, and what he needs to do to counter President Barack Obama. Also on The Tonight Show, Mitt Romney shared his views on candidate Rick Santorum and his past endorsement of Romney in the last election.

In a funny moment, Romney dodged the issue of pornography before focusing on the most issues that the country faces. Interestingly, Romney also gave Jay his feedback on the other Republican candidates and his thoughts on a potential Vice President should he get the nomination.

In the full Tonight Show segment, Mitt Romney touched on the Tax Code and Obamacare plus the controversy with the Russian President.

Check out Mitt Romney on The Tonight Show below:

Mitt Romney, Part 1

Mitt Romney, Part 2

Mitt Romney, Part 3

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